It is a known fact that all is not well in Rangayana. After the transfer of 12 artistes to Rangayana’s branches in Shimoga and Dharwad and the unceremonious removal of Dr. B.V. Rajaram as Director yesterday, Rangayana Deputy Director Nirmala Mathapathi, who is being held responsible for the latest developments, denied of anything do with the transfers saying that she was only an administrative officer who had to follow the instructions of Dept. of Kannada and Culture.

When asked about the sudden transfer of artistes, she said that the decisions related to the transfers were taken by Ranga Samaja, the governing body of Rangayana. She said that Ranga Samaja might have had the idea of transferring artistes to Shimoga and Dharwad to build a quality repertory. “The Ranga Samaja might have thought that it would be difficult to build Rangayanas in Shimoga and Dharwad after the retirement of artistes in Mysore Rangayana. In order to use their expertise to guide the artistes in Shimoga and Dharwad, they have been transferred,” she said.

She mentioned that the artistes were not transferred but were deputed to these places which will be on rotation basis. When asked about future plans at Rangayana Mysore, Nirmala said that the programmes will go ahead as per schedule and the next project would be ‘Chinnara Mela.'

Referring to weekend shows, Nirmala said that the shows will be staged by junior artistes of Rangayana or by the amateur theatre groups. She also refused to comment on allegations regarding officials acting as a puppet of MP B. Jayashree, who also served as the Director of Rangayana. “I do not have anything to say about what people think about me. It is their personal opinion”, said Nirmala. To a question related to sudden dismiss of Dr. Rajaram, she refused to comment.

When asked about why orders related to the transfer of artistes was not issued immediately when the decision was taken on March 16, 2013 in Bangalore, Nirmala said that she needed some clarifications regarding the matter before implementing the order. She also said that the Election Code of Conduct was not applicable to Rangayana artistes as they were not the employees of Government of Karnataka. She mentioned that the artistes were working under Ranga Samaja.

Nirmala said that she had no dispute with the artistes or ego clashes with former director Dr. Rajaram. “If the artistes think I have been unfair towards them it is their personal opinion. I have only been working promptly according to the rules and regulations framed by the Department. It is really unfortunate that people think I am behind the latest developments in Rangayana. If I were to be non-cooperative, projects such as Malegalalli Madumagalu, Ranga Vasantha and many more wouldn’t have been a success”, clarified Nirmala Mathapathi.

Takes charge

K.R. Ramakrishna, Commissioner, Department of Kannada and Culture, took charge as the in-charge Director of Rangayana this morning.

Nirmala Matapathi said that even the employees were not informed about him taking charge this morning. Later Ramakrishna left for Bangalore to attend to an official engagement.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore