Mysore District Moon Committee meeting was held yesterday at 7.30 pm at the office of the Mysore District Wakf Advisory Committee on Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore.

Sir of Khazi of Mysore Hazrath Moulana Mohammed Usman Shariff presided.

Information regarding sighting of Moon was collected from various parts of the District and State. Since moon was not sighted anywhere, the Committee decided to start the Holy Month of Ramzan from Thursday (July 11) and fasting also starts from tomorrow.

Hazrath Moulana Mufthi Syed Tajuddin, Hazrath Moulana Hafiz O Qari Mohammed Maqbool Ahmed Saheb Nizami, Hazrath Moulana Mohammed Naseem Ahmed Rishadi, Hazrath Moulana Rafiuddin Saheb Qasmi, Hazrath Moulana Mohammed Zaka Ulla, Jameel Ahmed Ashrafi, Amjad Pasha, Corporator Suhail Baig, Roshan Munawar, Wakf Officer, Noor Ibrahim Khan, Legal Co-ordinator, Mysore District Wakf Advisory Committee and J.M. Urooj, Chairman, Mysore District Wakf Advisory Committee and Convenor, Mysore District Moon Committee, were present at the meeting.

On the occasion, the Moon Committee paid tribute to Syed Abdul Sattar, SDA , Mysore District Wakf Advisory Committee, who passed away recently.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore