Mysore, Mar. 28 (JP)- The move to make water conservation compulsory through installation of rain water harvesting systems in Mysore is on the cards.

Deputy Commissioner P. Manivannan told SOM that the Bill to make it compulsory is pending for approval of the government.

This was in reply to SOM query that when small cities like Kodaikanal and even States like Goa, which experience torrential rains, had made it compulsory for all houses and multi-storey buildings to install rain water harvesting systems, why Mysore with water shortage was lagging behind.

Rain water harvesting has already been made mandatory in the Bangalore agglomeration with the Legislative Assembly early last year giving its approval to the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage (Amendment) Bill 2009. In fact then the Minister for BWSSB and Information Technology, Katta Subramanya Naidu, who piloted the Bill, said rain water harvesting would be compulsory for all residential, commercial and industrial premises.

According to the amendment, "every owner shall provide for a rain water harvesting structure within nine months from the date of implementation of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage (Amendment) Act 2009 in a building having a total area of not less than 1,200 sq.ft. in such a manner with such conditions as may be provided in the regulations, failing which the board may remove such structure and recover the cost from the owner or occupier as arrears of land revenue as the case may be. It is considered necessary to provide for making it mandatory to build rain water harvesting structures by households in order to preserve the groundwater."

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore