Discourse on Bhakti Yoga: Day 4

Sri M (Sri Mumtaz Ali) is seen lighting the lamp on the first day (Sept. 7) of the four-day discourse on Bhakti Yoga by him organised jointly by Vijay Foundation, Star of Mysore and P.R. Hariharan Memorial Charitable Trust at Sri Prasanna Parvathi Kalyana Mantapa, V.V. Mohalla, Mysore, as (from right) Dr. B.R. Pai of Vijay Foundation, H. Ramachandra of P.R. Hariharan Memorial Charitable Trust, Ajit Pai and Venkatesh of Vijaya Foundation look on.

Mysore, Sept. 11 - Of the 20 Shlokas in chapter 12 of Bhagavadgeetha, the last one presents a beautiful statement that even those who seek to follow the path set forth by the Lord are dear to Him, explained Sri M during his discourse on the final day of the four-day programme on Bhakthi Yoga at Sri Prasanna Parvathi Kalyana Mantap, Vani Vilas Mohalla here yesterday organised by Vijay Foundation, Mysore, in association with P.R. Hariharan Memorial Charitable Trust and Star of Mysore (City’s English daily).

Recapitulating the answers given by Lord Sri Krishna to Arjuna to the question posed by the latter as to who is a greater yogi between the one who worships the Formless or the one who worships Him with a Form, Sri M narrated the qualities of a true yogi as explained by the Lord adding that a devotee’s qualities are more important than how he worships Him. Control over one’s mind, a balanced outlook to both happiness as well as sorrow and compassion with unalloyed love for all beings are those qualities, Sri M observed.

Body oriented

We are all body oriented. Therefore form and name become important in our life. Only devotion to the Lord leads to lasting joy, remarked Sri M, adding that freedom from possessiveness and arrogance is a sterling quality of a yogi. Also, a true yogi is always contented and steadfast in his conviction (Dhrida Nischaya), the speaker said. Lord Krishna told Arjuna that a yogi’s heart and mind are dedicated to Him, Sri M explained.

One who causes fear to none nor fears anyone, since one has nothing to hide or protect for one’s sake, is a true yogi. Such a person who is not affected by moods resulting from either euphoria or depression, identified in society as a sthitha prajna is also dear to the Lord, Sri M said, interpreting Lord Krishna’s message to Arjuna. Modern youth refer to a sthitha prajna as ‘cool dude,’ Sri M remarked on a humourous note.

Desireless, resourceful, unattached, unworried and selfless are the qualities of a yogi dear to the Lord, Sri M said. The joy of being devoted to the Lord is upper-most in a true yogi’s mind, he added. Even kings seek guidance from a yogi on what course of action is to be adopted under trying situations, the speaker remarked.


Our minds are caught up by objects of this world. When somebody or something comes in the way of our achieving our objects, anger results. An angry person becomes mad and he or she doesn’t see reason in the action dictated by anger, Sri M explained.

A true yogi doesn’t get elated when praised or flattered, remarked Sri M, reminding the listeners about the lines ‘Meeti meeti baathonse butchna zarra...’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar in a Hindi movie many years ago. He also narrated the parable of the snake that got battered by people because it gave up its natural practice of stinging on the advise of a yogi, who enlightened the reptile saying: ‘I asked you to desist from biting but not to desist from hissing.’ Sometimes, hissing may be necessary but without causing hurt to animal, Sri M remarked. He concluded his discourse with shanthi mantra, reminding the audience on the importance of the Lord’s prescription of remaining same towards all.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore