Bhanu Mohan, President, Parisara Samrakshana Samithi, has accused Mysore City Corporation (MCC) and Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) of taking up unscientific asphalting of roads, alleging that this is in turn affecting the growth trees on the road side.

In a press release, she has accused the authorities of not taking care of the trees planted on the road side or on the footpaths during the asphalting process. Bhanu said that the trees should be given breathing space by constructing a concrete fence 3ft. from the trees.

The officials are asphalting the tree base without out giving them breathing space which will only damage the tree as it does not get loose soil through which the roots can breathe.

This apart, constant digging of roads also damage the roots which bring down the lifespan of the trees; in turn, they fall and cause damage to vehicles and also people, she said.

Bhanu also mentioned that placing of post box and advertisement boards by nailing them to the trees also affect their lifespan.

“Though the Forest Department had announced that people placing the advertisement boards on the trees would be fined Rs. 5,000, it has not come into effect,” she alleged.

The Samithi has urged the Forest and MCC officials to look into the matter and protect trees while constructing footpaths or during asphalting of roads.

It has also demanded the officials to take action against those endangering the trees.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore