Treatment for weight reduction

Mysore, Mar. 18 (RK&SH)- Police personnel are receiving physiotherapy aimed at reducing their body weight.

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) near the Chamundi Foothills and VLCC Health Centre on Kalidasa Road in Vani Vilas Mohalla have begun to administer weight-reducing physiotherapy treatment to 223 Policemen, identified as pot-bellied, since Mar. 7.

A batch of 167 Police personnel are receiving the treatment at VLCC set up while 56 Policemen are receiving the treatment at Indus Valley Ayruvedic Centre in groups.

The treatment consists of oil massage with sesame oil and body lotion and other treatments to reduce the body fat.

Specific body weight is stipulated for Police personnel according to their height. For example, a Policeman of 5.5 feet height should be of 66.7 kg weight. However, many Policemen of that height are scaling at 100 kg or more. Personnel of 5.9 feet height should be 72.6 kg in weight. However, many in the Police department with that height are weighing more than 110 kg. Constables of 5.8 feet height should weigh 70.8 kg but many of them weigh more than 95 kg, it is learnt.

As all the 223 Policemen identified as overweight were found to be at least 25 kg in excess weight, they are not able to perform their outdoor duties efficiently. In addition, they fall sick often, it is learnt. Therefore, the selected Policemen have been subjected to physiotherapy treatment.

Daily food habits, regular exercises, daily walking and healthcare are being explained to the Policemen included in the programme at both the centres aimed at weight reduction, it is learnt.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore