Mysore, June 15 (RK&SH)- Gone are the days of the officers and staff of the Police Department giving false information about their location while on duty. For the first time, Garuda jeeps, mobile Police Control Rooms and vehicles at the command of Police Inspectors have been fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS).

The GPS equipment has already been installed in the department vehicles in Bangalore. Mysore is the second city in the State to get the facility.

Police Inspectors and personnel on Garuda duty allegedly were in the habit of providing false information about their location when higher officers contacted them over wireless.

It is also learnt that some personnel, including Police Inspectors, were moving out of assigned Police Stations or outside their jurisdictions while on duty. Some personnel were reported to have given false information saying they were out of station for giving evidence in court.

Many Police officers were also found to have been regularly using the official vehicles during duty hours to transport their family members and also drop their children at schools.

It is alleged that personnel deployed on Garuda duty parked their vehicles at unassigned locations and went to sleep.

After locating Police vehicles and personnel on duty through the GPS, the data will be saved in the computers at the Police Control Room.

The Control Room can also pass on the information to the officers near the troubled spot and send Police party with vehicles to the spot.

To streamline the system in Police Dept. following government orders, the State Crime Records Bureau will be installing GPS in all Departmental vehicles. So far, 42 vehicles of the Dept. in city have been fitted with GPS and the remaining vehicles will be fitted within a week.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore