Mysore, Mar. 21 (DV&KK)- Under the auspices of Mysore Pet Club, a day-long exhibition of pet animals was organised in the premises of Dasara Exhibition Grounds today.

Karnataka Exhibition Authority Chairman B.P. Manjunath inaugurated the event at 10 am.

Vikram Muthanna, Managing Editor, Star of Mysore and Sundar Raj, Deputy Director, Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Mysore District, participated as chief guests. Shashikumar, spokesperson of Mysore Pet Club and others were present.

About 225 dogs, 150 types of fishes ranging in cost from Rs. 5 to Rs. 75,000, 20 types of chicken called Police Cap, all of foreign breed, participated.

The special feature of the exhibition was the participation mainly of dogs in addition to other animals and birds.

Jamunapuri, a goat of Chambal Valley; Mudhol dog, a local species; St. Bernard, a huge size dog weighing 95 kgs; Tibetan Tailor dog; Rottweiler, a body builder like hunting dog used in the days of Hitler, 35 species of birds, 50 fish tanks, great Dane hound, a 4 feet tall dog, Arabian Husti, a dog of snow-bound region were of special attraction.

Pet accessories like beds, travel boxes, leashes and collars, feeds and safety measures for the animals were also on display.

More than 100 animal breeders participated and more than 1000 people witnessed the show.

Competitions will be held for the selection of best animals. Prizes including consolation prizes will be distributed to the selected animals at a function to be held today at 5 pm.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore