Car wheel lock operation a success

Mysore, July 14 (SH&RK)- The ‘Car Wheel Lock’ operation introduced by City Traffic Police to prevent cars being parked in a haphazard manner, including in ‘no parking’ zones, is a success.

Two-wheelers parked at unauthorised spots are being removed from the place, taken away on ‘Tiger’ vehicles and fines collected from the offenders. Complaints from two-wheeler riders that car-owners were being let off the hook even while they were parking their vehicles in unauthorised areas, became a cause for concern for the Police.

Shop-owners on D. Devaraj Urs Road, Ashoka Road and other major venues who were in the habit of parking their vehicles (cars) in front of the shops unauthorised and engaged in chatting would not respond to calls by the Traffic Police in spite of several warnings. The Police, with the idea of reforming the offending car owners, were thinking of a plan to bring them round. At that time, they learnt from the internet that the car wheel lock device was available in Dubai.

Having decided to make use of the car wheel lock device, the Mysore Police obtained 25 pieces of the device. Its use was introduced in the city on June 11. They booked 699 cases of unauthorised parking of cars and collected Rs. 1,39,800 in the course of 20 days.

There are 25 car wheel lock devices each in Devaraja, Krishnaraja, Narasimharaja and Kuvempunagar, Lashkar and V.V. Puram Traffic Police Stations. There is a plea to acquire 10 more such devices. On a single day on Friday, the Police booked 70 cases of unauthorised parking and collected Rs. 14,000 as fine from the offenders.

Conducting raids against unlawful parking of cars on Ashoka Road, Gandhi Circle, K.T. Street, Hanumantha Rao Road near Prabha Picture House, Benki Nawab Street, Shivarampet, D. Devaraja Urs Road, Dewan’s Road, Dhanwantri Road, Irwin Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, Jhansi Laxmibai Road, Kalidasa Road and others, the traffic Police are applying the car wheel lock to the wheels of cars parked unlawfully and are sticking a note written in Kannada and English saying "Your car has been applied with car wheel lock" on the mindshield near the driver’s seat.

The car owners, after seeing the note stuck by the Police, proceed to the nearest traffic Police Station, pay the fine and get custody of their cars. Many car owners are also learnt to be questioning the action of applying the car wheel lock by the Police and request to pay the fine. In such cases, Police are videographing the vehicles and are booking cases under ‘Wrong-parking and causing obstruction to traffic and other vehicles’ rule and submitting relevant records to the Court.

Parking facility has been made for 210 cars on one side of Devaraj Urs Road, hub of commercial activities in the city. Out of them, in 104 bays marked for car parking, the vehicles are parked from morning till evening permanently. The rest 106 bays host 8 cars each by turn throughout the day. That means, while 900 cars can be parked in 106 bays, only 104 cars can be parked in the other 104 bays, resulting in difficulty for the Police to park their cars.

For the above reason, the Police are mulling introduction of Pay ‘n’ Park system in selected areas before this year’s Dasara festival.

All new systems related to traffic management are aimed at creating awareness in public about traffic discipline and more comfort to the citizens and not to collect fines for revenue to the Government, as per the argument of the Police Department.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore