Mysore, Feb. 26- In a welcome move, the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company (CESC) has announced that power cuts during the day would be limited to two hours and that it would also avoid power outages at night up to 11 pm.

Sources in CESC say the huge gap between demand and supply of power in the city is the reason for the 2-hour power cuts in the mornings. The schedule is: one hour from 10 or 11 am and one hour in the afternoons, from 2 or 3 pm. Sources in CESC say this timing was decided keeping the interests of students in mind.

Power cuts will be enforced in weekly cycles for different zones. For instance, areas where power cut begins at 10 am during one week, will face a 11 am power cut in the following week.

But if the demand and supply gap becomes wider, then the CESC will follow the State government instructions and reinforce power cuts till 11 pm.

Contrary to the commonly held belief, power crises in Karnataka is not a new phenomenon. The State has been in the grips of power shortage since 2008 and precious little has been done apart from breast-beating. Sources in Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (KPTCL), requesting anonymity, have claimed that water storage in the three major hydel resources of the State is still not up to the mark. The rains came in wrong places! The State is mainly dependent on hydel power, which makes for 62% of the total generation. The hydel power share has now declined to 20%. While RTPS contributes to another 20% of State's generation, the rest comes from Central generating stations.

To tide over the crisis, the State government has sought power from Chattisgarh, which reportedly assured of providing a minimum of 100 MW power to Karnataka.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore