Housing Minister Ambarish announced here yesterday that the occupants of the house will be declared as the owners if the beneficiaries of housing schemes lived elsewhere while allowing others to stay in the allotted house.

Speaking to presspersons after undertaking an inspection of housing complexes built under various government schemes, Ambarish said it has been discovered that in many instances, the beneficiaries had let out their allotted houses on rent to others. As such, the occupants will be declared as the real beneficiaries, he remarked.

Asking the officials to expedite the construction of houses under Ashraya, Rajiv Gandhi Awas, Vajpayee, Basava and other Government schemes, Ambarish said the projects were hampered by corruption by politicians and officials at the taluk level.

Pointing out that the Government was for making the State slum-free, Ambarish said the subsidy for construction of houses under Government schemes has been hiked by Chief Minister Siddharamaiah.

Ambarish, who seemed to be suffering from an eye infection, wore sun glasses throughout the meeting, with his personal assistant seen assisting him in applying eye drops.

A few junior artistes who had gathered, fell at Ambarish’s feet and pleaded with him for allotting them houses. Ambarish on his part was graceful in recognising almost every one of them and calling by their individual names.

‘Bul Bul’, Won’t you talk?

Meanwhile, Ambarish who is popularly known as ‘Rebel Star’ and appreciated for his punching dialogues in films, remained silent for most of the time during the meeting at the DC’s office. Ambarish’s silence seems to have provided a platform for the legislators who attended the meet to come up with their own grievances.

Ambarish, defending this silence for most part of the meeting, said he took part in the progress review meeting just to gain first hand-information on housing schemes in the district.

However, the reporters who were seated in the last row, were seen whispering “Bul Bul, Won’t you talk?”, which the Minister could not hear.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore