“The well culture with a history of over 7000 years should be revived and nurtured,” suggested S. Vishwanath, Water Management Specialist, Rain Water Club, Bangalore.

He was speaking on ‘Conservation of Water and its importance in urban landscape’ organised by city Zoo at its premises here on Tuesday.

“About 30 million borewells have been sunk in the country, the highest in the world which is a dangerous situation. The regular well is literally a pointer on environment. The colour of the water judges the quality of environment. The dip in water level is an indication of summer advancing and in turn warns people to use water judiciously. Wells had top most priority right from the days of Ashoka and Buddha,” reiterated Vishwanath.

Continuing, he opined that the existing wells should be retained with thrust for rain water harvesting which has multiple advantages. He added that rain water on retention in good sunshine for 4 hours would become potable.

Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi and others were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore