• DCP Rajendra Prasad‘s traffic simulation park for kids

• Best news I have heard: Transport Commissioner Bhaskar Rao

Mysore, May 29 (JP)- The once-derelict Yezdi Children's Park on Lok Ranjan Mahal Road, resurrected by the then City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao (now Transport Commissioner) is now being infused with new life with DCP Rajendra Prasad (Crime and Traffic) taking the lead, helped by the Mysore City Corporation (MCC).

The park is being converted into a Children's Traffic Park that will provide children real time simulation on actual road use.

Rajendra Prasad, who spoke to SOM, said: "This is much more than an awareness park. There is not much use in bringing children and giving lectures about traffic and road use. What they will have here is the opportunity to actually experience real time road conditions."

When SOM asked whether he intended to make children experience what it is to drive a vehicle, DCP Prasad replied: "Yes. We intend to create a mini go-karting track. Some children will be driving while others will play as pedestrians. They will learn when to cross the road and where, like using only zebra crossings. The children when driving the mini go-karts will learn how to use hand signals etc. They will be aware of various traffic signs. The park will look like a real city with streets, street signs, traffic signs etc."

SOM also spoke to Transport Commissioner Bhaskar Rao who was in the city to attend a programme at NIE yesterday.

He said, "I am overjoyed to hear that the Yezdi Children's Park is being put to good use. I had renovated the park when I was the City Police Commissioner as this too is a heritage structure of the city. It was a creation of the erstwhile Royal City of Mysore in miniature. The use to which this park is being put to by DCP Rajendra Prasad is wonderful. This is the best way of 'teaching the young' lessons about traffic etiquette."

Rao also added: "Creation of this kind of awareness will definitely make the kids better vehicle drivers and I am sure it will lead to fewer road accidents."

When SOM asked Rajendra Prasad when the work on Children's Traffic Park will be completed, he replied, "In a few short weeks."

It may be recalled that for several years, the unique children’s park was lying in a state of benign neglect even though children flocked to it on weekends. At night, it was used by derelicts to sleep off drunken stupor.

The park belongs to MCC which treated it as an unwanted child. It is located along the route to Police Commissioner’s office and was the 'gift' of late F.K. Irani, founder of 'Ideal Jawa' and was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Gundu Rao.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore