In the wake of the Bangalore blast of Apr. 17, security cover at the Mysore Palace was reviewed by the elite National Security Guards (NSG) here this morning.

The NSG team comprising four personnel, led by Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Sandeep Pratap, held talks with the City Police and the Palace Board, with regard to upgrading external and internal security at the Palace from 10 am to 12 noon. Later, the team took a tour of the Palace, its perimeter and outer boundary.

It may be recalled, the NSG had earlier reviewed security at the Palace during Nov. 2011 and had given several suggestions, including shifting of shops located within the Palace premises.

The Palace’s outer periphery was electric-fenced during May 2012 and scanners were installed. Closed circuit TV cameras has been installed around the premises and movement of people is being watched 24x7. The videos are being recorded and stored, said Palace Board Deputy Director T.S. Subrahmanya.

After shifting shops attached to the main Palace building, directions have been issued to shift the shops located outside too.

IGP (Internal Security) Bhaskar Rao told SOM that the security review by NSG is a routine one. Weak points in the security cover, where security can be breached, are being checked out and suggestions given to fortify the Palace against miscreants, he said. NSG Commandos Ashok and Nagappa Lende, along with Assistant Commando Binod will stay in city tomorrow and conduct an indepth study of the Palace area, along with Police Inspector V. Shailendra.

Lt. Col. Pratap told SOM that they had orders from the government to provide top security to the Palace, which is the second most visited monument after Taj Mahal. “In case of a terrorist attack, the possibility of bringing Commandos from Bangalore to the Palace within half-an-hour by helicopter and providing landing space for the helicopter within the Palace is being tested,” he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore