The Mysore University Syndicate has cancelled the project granted under Institution of Excellence Scheme by former Vice-Chancellor Prof. V.G. Talwar to Prof. Shivabasavaiah, who was accused of sexually harassing research student Savita.

The decision was taken at the Syndicate meeting held under the presidentship of VC Prof. K.S. Rangappa yesterday.

According to sources, two projects including that of Prof. Shivabasavaiah were cancelled citing the reason that the University cannot sanction big projects as it is facing a paucity of funds.

Prof. Talwar, just before his tenure ended, had sanctioned Rs. 24 lakh project to Prof. Shivabasavaiah. One post-doctoral fellowship and two research assistants were allowed to work for Ph.D under the project.

The Syndicate has also decided to stop granting permission to the lecturers of the University who take advantage of lean period and work in other institutions and has decided to recall such lecturers. Lecturers who use this facility do not return to the Varsity for two years and are not made permanent which is a loss to the students and hence the facility itself will be stopped, according to the Syndicate.