With the Central Government reducing the prices of about 348 formulations of drugs in order to make it affordable to common man which resulted in reduction of profit to the wholesalers and retailers has ultimately resulted in shortage of some basic life-saving drugs along with anti-hypertension drugs and anti-diabetese drugs in city.

Drugs such as Clexane 0.6 injection, Envas 5mg tablets, Amlodac 5mg, Dilzem 60mg, Fefol capsules, Amifru 40mg, Tonact 10mg, Tribet 1mg, Lanoxin, Valparin 200mg, Epsolin 100mg, Triclazone 80mg, Synasma, Glimesta r PM2, Warf 5mg, Doxolin 400mg, Nikoran od 10mg etc., are some drugs which are facing shortage in the city, according to various pharmacy stores.

Some chemists and druggists in city said that they are facing severe shortage of these drugs as the Government had reduced the prices of these drugs, reducing the margin of profit to wholesalers as the companies who manufacture these drugs had reduced the prices and alleged that the wholesalers are reluctant to keep stock of these drugs as they get less profit.

Manjunath, President of the Mysore Chemists and Druggists Association, speaking to Star of Mysore, said that there was shortage of these medicines for sometime as the retailers had to give back the stocks with high prices available with them to the wholesalers and the wholesalers had to send the drugs back to the companies and get new stocks with reduced prices.

He further said that the process of sending old stock and getting new stock takes time, resulting in shortage for some days.

Contrary to what many other pharmacy were saying Manjunath said that at present sufficient stocks are available and the consumers need not get anxious.

Manjunath also said that some companies had approached the court and got 45 days’ time to liquidate old stocks.

Chandrashekar, Supervisor of the Pharmacy at Apollo Hospital, when contacted, said that there was shortage of these drugs for some days and added that new stocks of some medicines have come and the rest of the drugs would be available soon.

Nanjunda, Chief Pharmacist at Vikram Hospital in city, said that there was shortage of some drugs like Amifru 40, Biduret etc. for about a month and added that they are not receiving stocks of these medicines from suppliers.

He also said that they have returned the old stocks with old rates to the whole-sellers and are waiting for new stocks with new prices since a month. He then added saying that they are still selling expensive drugs at new low prices as they are very important drugs for patients with hypertension, diabetes and related ailments.

A chemist who did not want to be name said that big retailers have the capacity to buy drugs in bulk and stock it, but small retailers like me will not be able to do so and added that at present, there is fear of drugs running out and patients who require routine medication are buying in bulk. In a few days, acute drug shortage might be seen, he said.

Manjunath, President of the Association, has said that they would look into the matter and see that these essential drugs are made available to needy patients.

All efforts by SOM to contact Assistant Drugs Controller (ADC) for his comments on the issue proved futile.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore