The Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) today presented a surplus budget of Rs. 163.61 lakh for the year 2013-14, anticipating an income of Rs. 54,090 lakh from various sources and the estimated expenditure planned for the financial year being Rs. 53,932.39 lakh (Rs. 539.32 crore).

This time the focus is on the creation of new residential layouts to meet the rising demand in city and other development programmes such as allotment of house sites, houses for the poor and homeless, roads and other infrastructure.

MUDA Commissioner Dr. C.G. Betsurmath presented the budget at a special meeting convened here today. MUDA Chairman L. Nagendra presided. MLCs Prof. K.R. Mallikarjunappa and G. Madhusudan, DC Dr. Ramegowda, MCC Commisioner P.G. Ramesh, Police Commissioner K.L. Sudhir, MUDA Planning Member M.N. Kumar and others were present.

Sources of Income

MUDA expects an income of Rs. 14,020 lakh through site distribution in new layouts at R.T. Nagar, Ballahalli, Lalithadrinagar I Phase and Shanthaveri Gopalagowda Layout II Stage.Rs. 15,095.58 lakh is expected from the sale of corner and middle sites in various new layouts and another Rs. 600.38 lakh from the sale of commercial sites. Rs. 107 lakh is expected from Own Housing Scheme, Rs. 160 lakh from auction of houses, Rs. 7,000 lakh from Town Planning Development fees, Rs. 5,000 lakh from Own Your House Scheme, Rs. 5,000 lakh from Group Houses scheme, Rs. 2,000 lakh from Betterment Tax Scheme and other sources.


A sum of Rs. 3,767 lakh has been earmarked for creation of new layouts — Lalithadrinagar I Stage (north), Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar Nagar, Swarna Jayanthi Nagar, Lalithadrinagar II Stage and other new layouts.

For park development and greenery - Rs. 222.60 lakh, for protection of MUDA assets and properties - Rs. 333.59 lakh, Ashraya Layout development - Rs. 506.53 lakh, for land acquisition for the development within MUDA jurisdiction - Rs. 7,000 lakh and other schemes.

Special projects

Special projects planned by the MUDA are: • Green Plus scheme for tree planting - Rs. 800 lakh; • GIS system of mapping using satellite images - Rs. 200 lakh; • Construction of eight MUDA zonal offices - Rs. 1,000 lakh; • Construction of international level community hall - Rs. 500 lakh; • Modernisation of H.C. Ghat at foot of Chamundi Hill - Rs. 1,000 lakh; • Construction of additional offices at MUDA main office premises – Rs. 350 lakh; • Erection of statues of Sir M. Visveswaraya, Dewan Poornaiah, Sir Mirza Ismail and Madhav Rao at prominent circles - Rs. 400 lakh.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore