Mysore, Apr. 1 (SH)- A surplus budget has been presented by Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) during the year 2010-11. Members of the Authority who took note of the Rs. 79.16 lakh surplus budget presented by P.C. Jayanna, Commissioner, in the meeting hall of the Authority here yesterday, approved the budget after adopting some modifications and making some suggestions.

Anticipating Rs. 37,349.36 lakh from various sources as its revenue, MUDA intends to spend Rs. 37,270.20 lakh during the current fiscal, thus leaving a surplus of Rs. 79.16 lakh.


Revenue amounting to Rs. 149.078 lakh from beneficiaries of HUDCO scheme in the form of instalments due, Rs. 17.70 crore from sale of sites in Lalithadripura and R.T. Nagar, Rs. 90.20 crore from sale of corner sites, Rs. 27.70 crore from sale of bulk land and commercial sites, Rs. 2.40 crore from Own Your Home Scheme, Rs. 2.00 crore from sale of individual houses, Rs. 5.40 crore from sale of civic amenities sites and Rs. 50 crore for development fees are expected during the year.

Loans and advances, commercial complexes and shops, rent on buildings, interest from deposits, security deposits and rents on wedding hall, fetching a total amount of Rs. 20.40 crore and included in the Rs. 37,349.36 lakh budget of MUDA for the year 2010-11 on revenue account.

Expenses amounting to Rs. 54.50 crore for electrification of various layouts, Rs. 50.40 crore for developing new layouts, Rs. 45.40 crore for improvement of parks and horticulture, Rs. 2.90 crore for children's parks, Rs. 9.70 crore for mini markets, Rs. 8.2 crore for development of lakes, Rs. 13.00 crore for providing basic infrastructure to villages in the jurisdiction of MUDA, Rs. 116.50 crore for works relating to special development projects, Rs. 15 crore for Outer Ring Road, Rs. 4.50 crore for water supply to MUDA layouts, Rs. 75 crore for acquiring land, Rs. 13 crore for general & fixed deposits, Rs. 10 crore for loans and advances, Rs. 91 crore for staff salaries and Rs. 68.70 crore for administration and miscellaneous expenditure amounting to a total of Rs. 37,270.20 crore are proposed for the fiscal year 2010-11.

Although a revenue of Rs. 35,590 lakh was anticipated during 2009-10, just Rs. 10,606.93 lakh was received. Because no new layouts were formed and auction of commercial complexes was not conducted during the year, it was not possible to raise the expected revenue for the Authority, explained Jayanna.

DC P. Manivannan, who is also Chairman of MUDA, presided.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore