Madikeri, Oct. 22 (KBM& MRS)- Lok Sabha member H. Viswanath today opp-osed the 'imposition' of the proposed UNESCO World Heritage site on Kodagu against the local people's will.

He was addressing a media conference at Sudarshan Guest House here this morning.

Replying to queries on the controversial proposal of UNESCO site, Viswanath said that he too would join the agitation of the people if the proposal was imposed against their will.

Saying that he had no adequate information about the proposal, Viswanath said that he would discuss the issue with the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests during his visit to Delhi after Oct. 27.

The MP expressed his reservation about the accountability of the so-called NGOs involved in the cause of environment and tribals. He disclosed that he would write a letter to the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India to probe into the foreign funds these NGOs are getting.

He observed that the NGOs operate secretly without disclosing the source of funds and how it is utilised. "These NGOs claim credit for the schemes implemented by the government for the welfare of tribals and get money for the same from foreign donors", the MP added.

"This is the reason why the living condition of the tribals has not improved", he opined.

"This kind of fraud should be stopped," he urged.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore