Mysore, Mar. 14 (RK&DM)- The mortuary of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMC&RI), which was in a state of disorder all these years, is now all set to be given a facelift at the cost of Rs. 50 lakh.

Unclaimed bodies are kept in the mortuary after conducting postmortem. Bodies of the victims of unnatural deaths like suicides, murders, accidents and the type that remain unclaimed are placed in the mortuary for at least three days, after which they are disposed off if they are not claimed by the deceased's kin.

As per law, every body concerned with a Police case should be compulsorily subjected to postmortem for ascertaining the real cause of death.

Also, a modern cold storage system, apart from adequate ventilation and space is essential for preventing the bodies from getting decomposed.

But the MMC&RI mortuary is found wanting in space. Also, most of the cold storage units are malfunctioning and as such, it has become difficult to preserve the bodies for more that a few days' time.

Out of the six cold storage units, only two are in operation, while four others are malfunctioning. Only three bodies can be stored in each of these units and as such, only six bodies can be presently stored in mortuary. But the mortuary gets 10 to 15 bodies a day from city as well as from across the district on an average.

The present mortuary was built more than 30 years ago, which was in accordance with the requirements then. But the mortuary does not correspond to the present demands. Also, the frequent blockage of the drainage has only increased foul smell.

According to the MMC&RI Dean and Director Dr. D. Venka-tesh, the mortuary will be upgraded at a cost of Rs. 50 lakh in accordance with the present day needs, for which a blue print has been prepared.

The upgradation work will include providing water, power, adequate ventilation, underground drainage and other basic facilities, apart from the installation of new cold storage units that can accommodate 18 bodies, he added.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore