Mysore, Dec. 26-The kidney transplant team at Vikram Hospital, Mysore, has done the first ever successful kidney transplant surgery for a foreign national outside the capital city of Bangalore in Karnataka.

The 52-year-old Nigerian gentleman visited Vikram Hospital in July 2012 for kidney transplant surgery. Accompanying him were his sister, who was the prospective kidney donor and his wife who was the caretaker. They had perused the website of Vikram hospital and also had interacted with the transplant coordinator for gaining knowledge about the transplant process.

He had long standing type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. His kidneys had failed due to diabetic nephropathy (affliction from diabetes itself). He had been on hemodialysis for the past several months through a left internal jugular vein dialysis catheter which malfunctioned within a week of his arrival here and had to be replaced with a new one on the right side.

Creation of an arterio-venous fistula (AVF), the ideal access for hemodialysis was impossible in view of thrombosed sub-clavian (neck) veins on both sides. CAPD (peritoneal dialysis) was initiated to continue renal replacement till the time of surgery when even the right internal jugular vein dialysis catheter malfunctioned.

The doctors team had a first major setback when during the evaluation of the prospective kidney donor, his sister was recogni-sed to have blood sugars in the diabetic range that precluded her from donating her kidney. Luckily for him, his wife came forward to donate her kidney voluntarily. Evaluation was completed in quick time and papers were put up before the Authorization Committee for approval.

Then the second major setback. His CAPD catheter malfunctioned and the doctors were unable to offer peritoneal dialysis for him. They were in a situation where continuing dialysis till the time of kidney transplant surgery itself was becoming a challenge.

The transplant team had a crucial discussion and his hemodialysis was continued after placement of a left femoral vein dialysis catheter (in the thigh region).

Around this time the team received the approval from the Authorisation Committee and they proceeded to do the kidney transplant surgery on Nov. 9 which was a success. The has team had one month of follow-up of both the donor and the recipient and both are doing well. They have since returned to Nigeria.

The proud doctors of the Kidney Transplant Team at Vikram Hospital were Dr. Ranganath, Chief Urologist, Dr.Vikraman, Consultant Urologist, Dr. Srinivas Nalloor, Chief Nephrologist and Dr.Prakash Rao, Anesthetist.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore