Two days after the residents of Old Kesare staged a protest against the foul smell emanating from the dumped animal waste and taking officials to task for not burying the waste properly, Mayor M.N. Rajeshwari and MCC officials visited the spot this morning and inspected the land for disposing animal waste.

MCC Commissioner P.G. Ramesh, Deputy Mayor Shailendra and others accompanied them.

During the inspection, it was decided that the 12-acre Govt. land identified at Old Kesare would be the right place to dispose animal wastes.

MCC Commissioner, speaking to SOM, said that the MCC is utilising the land for disposing animal wastes since few years as the animal waste turns into manure when buried.

He further said that the land at Old Kesare was the right place to dispose animal wastes as it is on the outskirts of city and no one resides near the said land.

Ramesh further said that as there was a festival, more animal wastes were collected in the city which resulted in foul smell emanating from the spot for which residents had staged protest.

He said that animal waste collected in MCC Zone 8 would be disposed here. “The MCC staff were not able to bury the animal waste deep as the JCB which was deployed to dig a portion of land to bury animal waste broke down as it hit the rocks below and broke its teeth,” he said and added, “Measures have been taken to bury the waste deep by deploying a heavy duty Hitachi land-digging machine and spraying bio-chemicals to control foul smell emanating from the spot.

The Commissioner said that this will be the 8th Zero Waste Management unit and works on 9th and 10th unit are going on.

Dy. Mayor Shailendra also said that this was the right spot to bury animal waste.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore