Mysore, Aug. 4 (RK&KMC)- The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) launched an intensive drive against mosquitoes and stray pigs in city this morning. The drive comes in the wake of several cases of Malaria, dengue and chikungunya reported in and around the district recently.

The mosquito eradication drive was formally inaugurated in Sunnadakeri (Ward No. 2) at 6 am by Mayor Sandesh Swamy, by spraying chemical solution from a back-pack sprayer over a pool of stagnant water along the road.

MCC Health Officer Dr. Nagaraj told Star of Mysore that the chlorine dioxide solution, the spraying equipment and 30 workers were provided by Choloctron Technologies, a Bangalore-based company, free of cost.

"The drive is taken up as a pilot project in Mysore city on an experimental basis," said Dr. Nagaraj and explained that the chemical would kill the mosquito larvae in stagnant water bodies, drains, sumps and tanks.

"If found effective, the drive will be extended to other parts of the city," Dr. Nagaraj said.

Zonal Officer (Zone-1) Shankar, Corporator Shivakumar, Health Inspector Balachandra and others were present.

Pig-catching drive

The drive against stray pigs too commenced early this morning, with as many as 10 pigs caught by noon by about 20 Pourakarmikas from the Metagalli and Yadavagiri area.

The pig-catchers, armed with nets and accompanied by three trucks, chased the stray pigs that they spotted on the roads, making a herculean attempt to catch them. In most cases, the hogs outsmarted the net-wielding men, giving them a dodge and darting into places where men could not reach.

The MCC has instructed its personnel to catch only the stray pigs found on the streets and public places and not the ones tethered in private properties.

"The drive is aimed at preventing the porcine from straying onto roads and public places as they create slushy pools that harbour disease-spreading insects," said Dr. Nagaraj adding the pig-catching drive that was stopped since two years, has been re-launched. "The pigs, after being caught, will be taken in trucks and let loose 50 to 60 kms away from the city," he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore