Mysore, June 13 (MTY)- The debris cleaning exercise of MCC with the slogan "Swacha Mysooru Sundara Mysooru" seems to be leaving a trail of impending disaster in its wake, complain the residents of Vivekananda road in Yadavagiri.

The JCB (KA-09-P292) and Tipper (KA-09-1001) went about their work of clearing 'debris' scooping out huge swaths of grass, sand binding trees and electricity poles and simply carting it away in the tipper. There was no supervision and MCC officials were conspicuous by their absence, they alleged.

In the proximity of Vikram Hospital, at least 8 to 10 trees are in danger of falling over, the residents complained. Further along the road, the transformer held up between two poles is still standing precariously for the mud and gravel around the poles has been removed.

A tree, which took 20 years of caring by the house owner, was toppled when the JCB scooped out the earth along the base of tree, they complained.

Throughout the day-long exercise, no one from the MCC or any other official was around to see what the JCB or the tipper staff was doing, they alleged.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore