Mysore, Mar. 19 (KK&DM)- The Karnataka High Court, which took up the hearing on the writ petition filed by BJP seeking action against 7 JD(S) Corporators under the Anti-Defection Law yesterday, has vacated the stay on the Mayoral elections and at the same time directed the Regional Commissioner of Mysore to hold an enquiry and give a ruling on the petition at the earliest.

With this direction of the High Court, the future of the Corporators who defected hangs in balance, as the ball has been returned to the Regional Commi-ssioner's Court.

The High Court had earlier asked the State government to make a submission on who had the powers to take action against defectors at the local bodies' level, following which the State government explained that the power to take action rested with the Regional Commissioner.

Following the submission, High Court Judge Ram Mohan Reddy who heard the petition yesterday, directed the Mysore Regional Commissioner M.V. Jayanthi to give a ruling in this regard. It may be recalled that the BJP's nominated Corporators Murali and Umesh had filed a petition seeking action against 7 JD(S) Corporators under the Anti-Defection Law.

The High court which also took up hearing on another writ petition filed by BJP's Gopal Raje Urs and Jayaram last week, seeking action under the Anti-Defection Law against 8 Congress Corporators who defected to BJP only to return to the Congress later on, directed Regional Commissioner M.V. Jayanthi to hear this petition also along with the other one and give ruling on them at the earliest.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore