Mysore, June 1 (ACP&KMC)- Mayor Sandesh Swamy has requested the protesting Pourakarmikas to call off their agitation and resume work.

Addressing a press conference at his office here yesterday, Sandesh Swamy said that the Pourakarmikas in Mysore were held in high esteem compared to other cities in the State and regretted that they had stopped work and embarked on an indefinite agitation.

"The permanent Pourakarmikas of the MCC are paid Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 salary per month," said the Mayor and added, "though the State Government has fixed Rs. 116 wages per head per day, the MCC is paying them Rs. 125."

Continuing, the Mayor said, "Those who have obtained the contract for cleaning works must pay the wages for the workers. The MCC has nothing to do with it. Yet, the MCC has imposed a condition on the contractors that the Pourakarmikas must be paid Rs. 125 per day as wages."

"Pourakarmikas in other cities are not protesting and at a time when Mysore City has been adjudged as the second cleanest city in the country, it is unfrotunate that the Pourakarmikas in Mysore have launched an indefinite strike," rued Sandesh Swamy.

"MCC Commissioner has served notices to the permanent workers who have not reported to their duties," Mayor said and hoped that they would call off their strike and report to work immediately, failing which, he cautioned of initiating disciplinary action against the absentees.

Pourakarmika attempts suicide during protest demo

A Pourakarmika of the MCC, while participating in the protest demo of Pourakarmikas yesterday seeking regularisation of their jobs and other amenities, attempted to commit suicide by setting himself ablaze in front of the DC's Office.

Cheluvaraju, a contract worker of the MCC and resident of P.K. Colony in city, doused himself with a bottle of kerosene that he had in his pocket and attempted to light a matchstick, in a bid to immolate himself.

He was however prevented from doing so by those around him.

Cheluvaraju, who had been patiently listening to the Deputy Commissioner P. Manivannan who met the protesting Pourakarmikas and assured to convey their demands to the government, all of a sudden started accusing the DC of giving false assurances and pulling out the kerosene bottle doused himself with it. Other Pourakarmikas around him then snatched away the match box and poured water over him.

Nearly 2,000 Pourakarmikas marched in the procession from the Town Hall to the DC Office, dancing and shouting slogans all the way, taking two hours to cover the 1.5 km distance.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore