Mysore, May 3 - Devotees and tourists are used to paying toll at the entry road going to Chamundeshwari temple atop the hill. The toll fee varies depending upon the nature of the vehicle. This is understandable.

However, what is not understandable is the recent decision of the Town Panchayat to shift the location of the tollgate to the junction of the road going to the Nandi, putting up barricades of rope to prevent people from turning the vehicle back and collecting toll rather arbitrarily.

Our office has received many complaints from tourists and local citizens saying, why should those who do not go to the Chamundi temple but reach this junction, either to view the city from the view-point or go to the Nandi, pay the toll?

The non-Hindu tourists and locals have specially taken objection to this shifting of the tollgate to this junction and collecting of entry fee.

The Deputy Commissioner may please consider this complaint and provide relief to the tourists and local citizens.

Incidentally, it may be mentioned that all along the route to the temple there are view-points with parking space. Unfortunately, in many of these view-points, the growth of vegetation and trees are causing obstruction to the viewers. As a result, the view-points which are clear of obstruction of this nature are always crowded. The authorities may do well to remove these obstructions, thus providing a clear view from the view-point.

Tree planting: Whoever was responsible for planting tree saplings at different points along the road have failed to use some common sense. I take a walk often on this road. Saplings are planted abutting to the barricade wall facing the road. The officer who supervised this work should have known that these saplings will grow to be big trees with rich foliage (most of them are Honge) and in the years to come, they are bound to obstruct the clear view of the road for the motorists. Added to this, when these trees grow their roots will destabilise the barricade wall which will collapse. Will our dynamic Dy. Commissioner look into this issue?

Plastic menace: Authorities have spent quite a sum on publicising that the Chamundi Hill is a plastic-free zone. But the area at Nandi, specially the beginning of the road going down to Mysore city, is full of plastic bags, cups and other garbage. The authorities should pay attention to this issue also.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore