No tax on tourist vehicles

Mysore, Oct. 7 (JP)- Tourism gives employment 365 days a year to the less-educated and uneducated youth of the city, said M. Rajendra, President, Mysore Hotel Owners Association.

People from Delhi, UP, AP and other places come to the city not just during Dasara but throughout the year and we know that many of them who come are now avoiding Mysore because of the excessive tax on the entry of vehicles from outside the State, said Rajendra while speaking to SOM yesterday.

No tax on tourist vehicles

Bhaskar Rao, Transport Commissioner, speaking to SOM, said tax relief for vehicles from outside the State will be given as it was being done the past three years.

"I have already informed Deputy Commissioner Harsha Gupta and an announcement will be made in a day or two." RTO Siddappa Kallera confirmed saying that all outstation tourist vehicles will be exempted from tax.

The Transport Department had sent a report to the State Government that the revenue earned by tourism is low and this seems to have made the Government go slow in encouraging tourism in the city, Rajendra said.

MLC Sandesh Nagaraj, another leading hotelier and hospitality entrepreneur, told SOM that entry tax on vehicles to the city from other States is the highest when compared to other destinations like Goa and Kerala. "Goa and Kerala economy is tourism-based," he said adding, "What is wrong with the State Tourism Department? They should make Mysore a year-round tourist destination."

"Every year just before Dasara we have the same old story. That 'this will be done and that will be done' to bring in more tourists. This is only talk. When Suresh Kumar was briefly in-charge of the District, several meetings were held but all his efforts to help the tourism industry have come to naught because of the non-cooperation of elected representatives," said an angry Sandesh Nagaraj.

"Even the CM has only been talking. Our taxation is high. We pay luxury tax, sales tax and all this money goes to government. We provide employment to the unskilled sector throughout the year and we can do much more if we get tax relief," he added.

Earlier, Rajendra also said that every section of the uneducated sector, the unemployable get work in various departments of any hotel. Tourism has increased the employability of these young men and women. The government by its taxation policy is har-ming the future of these people."

"I made a power point presentation at SDM College to the then District in-Charge Minister Shobha Karandlaje and then MP C.H. Vijayashankar and made several suggestions like increasing the number of days the Palace is illuminated. People come to see this. All this charter flight and regular flights will dry up when there is no business. People come to this city in buses that they have hired in Kerala or Delhi and drive all the way to Mysore. Or they come by train. 80% of tourists come either by train or bus. They are the real 365-day a year tourists and the Government with its anti-tourism policy is stopping them."

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore