Tension prevailed in the Palace premises this morning for some time as the Mahouts and Kavadis taking care of Dasara elephants at the Palace premises staged a snap stir this morning in protest against the high-handedness of the Police.

The family members of Dasara elephant care-takers, numbering 200, had undertaken a trip of the city and surrounding areas in three KSRTC buses yesterday, under the aegis of Dasara Darshan Sub-Committee.

The family members, who returned from the day long trip at about 10 pm, were in for a shock as the buses were not allowed inside the Palace premises by the cops citing security reasons.

Although the tent school teachers, who had accompanied the ‘special guests’, the bus staff and the Kavadis’ family members pleaded with the Police to let them in, the Police did not budge, following which heated exchanges took place between them and at one stage the Police even assaulted some of the tent school teachers, it is learnt.

Following this, the elephant caretakers staged a snap stir in the Palace premises for over an hour this morning. The stir was called off when veterinarian Dr. Nagaraj, Palace ACP Channaiah and other Police officials intervened to pacify the agitating mahouts and subsequently they resumed their work.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore