According to reporters and members of the public, one candidate contesting for the MLC seat was heard saying, “Chamundeshwari thaayi mele aane… vote for me…” as he handed over wads of cash topped with a picture of Goddess Chamundeshwari to the voters.

If you thought just paying money will get you a vote, you are wrong. Now it seems, the candidates are giving a photo of Goddess Chamundeshwari on which the voter is asked to make a promise that they will vote for them, even after accepting all the money and gifts.

The MLC is to be elected by the Zilla, Taluk and Gram Panchayat members, apart from MCC Corporators, MPs, MLAs and MLCs. It is reported that each GP member is said to have received an average of Rs. 10,000 for a vote while it was higher for the TP and ZP members.

This new trend of bringing God into the election equation started recently as candidates realised that voters took money from all candidates, but voted based on extra gifts. So, in order to further guarantee that they got the votes they paid for, candidates are putting the fear of God in the voters by asking them to take an oath in the name of Chamundeshwari. It seems, even God has been reduced to an instrument of threat in the Indian Democracy.

DC C. Shikha, who also is the Election Officer, when asked about this, said that she had not received any such reports but would take action if a complaint is lodged.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore