The 21st Language Day celebration of the three languages — Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali — was observed at Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Manasagangotri, on Aug. 20 in commemoration of their inclusion in the 8th Scheduled Languages of India.

Prof. Awadesh Kumar Mishra (Director, CIIL), Dr. M. Balakumar (Asst. Director- Admn.), Dr. L. Ramamoorthy (Head, LDC-IL) and Dr. Kedutso Kapfo (Head, NELD Project of CIIL) were present on the occasion.

In the inaugural speech, Prof. Awadesh Kumar Mishra disclosed his closeness to Manipuri and recalled his experience in the field study during his post-graduation.

Dr. M. Balakumar, in his brief speech, mentioned that NTS-I also started its activities in these languages from this year. Dr. Kedutso Kapfo emphasised that introducing and promoting the languages through the medium of instruction and also as a compulsory language in school and college levels will help the younger generations in valuing their own languages.

In his presidential speech, Dr. Ramamoorthy remarked that all Indian languages can be considered as classical as they are old enough. However, he reiterated the importance of preserving the materials in digitised forms for future use.

Resource persons from the three languages — Kiran Mhambre (a teacher of Konkani), Dr. Soibam Rebika Devi (Resource Person, NTM, CIIL) and Dr. Harkha Bahadur Chetri — delivered their speeches respectively by giving details about how their languages got included in the VIII Schedule in the Indian Constitution.

The programme was co-ordinated by Amom Nandaraj Meetei (Lecturer/Resource Person, LDC-IL, CIIL).

Yumnam Premila Chanu, Dr. Longjam Anand, Umesh Chamling Rai and Saurabh Varik (all Resource Persons of LDC-IL, CIIL) were also present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore