A long line of KSRTC buses was seen lined up for diesel at Indian Oil Petrol Bunk near Highway Circle yesterday night waiting to get their tanks filled, thanks to the ambitious decision taken by the oil marketing companies.

It is reported that following an announcement by Petroleum Ministry that prices of diesel would be hiked by 50 paisa per litre every month, the prices of diesel purchased by KSRTC has been hiked by Rs. 12 per litre.

There are fears that the escalation of diesel price may lead to the hike in bus fares and the KSRTC authorities had reportedly asked their staff to get diesel from private bunks to avoid the Rs. 12 burden.

The rush for diesel which began at about 6 pm in which many KSRTC buses waited could not be cleared even after 10 pm which frustrated the drivers who expressed their dissatisfaction in clear tones with SOM.

Step taken under instructions from Head Office: Srinivas

Meanwhile, KSRTC Divisional Controller M.N.Srinivas, speaking to SOM over phone this morning, said that KSRTC buses were sent to private petrol bunks for purchase of diesel as per the instructions from KSRTC Head Office in Bangalore.

Stating that KSRTC buses would procure desired quantity of diesel from petrol bunks and pay for the same the next day, he added that this has been done to avoid buying of diesel at Rs. 12 extra per litre as ordered by the Union Petroleum Ministry which had hiked the price of diesel by Rs. 12 for purchase of diesel by public transport systems like Road Transport Corporations, Railways etc.