Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS), along with two other reservoirs in the State, will be equipped with a Fish Landing Centre, said Principal Secretary for Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Aravind Jannu here yesterday.

He was speaking after inaugurating a redesigned fish stall at Kukkarahalli lake in city.

Aravind Jannu said two other places for Fish Landing Centre have been identified at Linganamakki and Alamatti and added that the trial run will begin at KRS which is aimed to ensure supply of fresh and good quality fish to the customers for which budget approval has been obtained.

He further said that the production of fish in the State was five lakh tonne per annum with a majority of 3.5 lakh tonne from coastal belts and added that the situation could improve only when more impetus is given to Inland Fisheries.

Jannu said depleting natural resources were caused by the usage of motor boats and change in technology and added that before fish could lay eggs, they will be in fishermen’s net.

He further said that owing to increase in deep sea fishing, 90% of fish in the coastal areas have gone extinct and with the remaining 10% fishes in coastal area, inland fishing will be the only answer.

State Fisheries Director H.S. Veerappa Gowda, University of Mysore VC Prof. K.S.Rangappa, Karnataka State Cooperative Fisheries Federation President S. Madegowda, Directors Nanjegowda, Nissar Ahmed, Lakshman and others were present.

Fish Landing Centre is a place where fish is unloaded by commercial fishermen or brought to shore by recreational fishermen for personal use.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore