“I am neither guilty, nor agitated,” were the words of Retired ADGP Kempaiah in response to the questions related to his alleged involvement in the transfers of Police officers of the State.

Rubbishing the allegations against him, Kempaiah this morning said that it was the media which had created the rumours about his involvement.

“The matters related to transfer of Police officers and promotions are handled by the Police Establishment Board in accordance with Karnataka Police Act, which was recently amended. There is no scope for anyone to interfere with the transfers and promotions,” he said speaking to media after the launch of city Police website at the Police Commissioner's office here. [Report on page 11].

Kempaiah also clarified that he had no personal interest to interfere with the transfers or promotions. With regard to an alleged complaint by a few MLAs to Congress High Command against him, Kempaiah said he had not come across any such complaint and added that he would give a clarification in this regard when and if it was brought to his notice. He asked people to come out with evidence in case he was involved in the transfer of Police officers.

“I do not have the habit of poking my nose unnecessarily in other’s business,” said Kempaiah adding that "there were several groups within the media and outside who created such false news about me to which I think I need not respond.”

Regarding the transfer of Police officials, Kempaiah mentioned that transfers definitely had an impact on the efficiency and the morale of officers. “Time and again, the matters regarding the transfers of Police have been discussed. The decisions with regard to transfer have been handed over to Police Establishment Board,” he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore