Mysore, July 28 (KK&KMC)- "City's water supply system is being stealthily privatised by the Mysore City Corporation (MCC), by handing over the maintenance and billing of the system to Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO)," alleged M. Lakshmana, Convenor of the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM).

Speaking at the ACICM's interaction with Mayor Sandesh Swamy at the latter's office here yesterday morning, Lakshmana questioned the propriety of rationing water, a quintessential commodity, with the condition of providing only one connection per khatha.

"What if there are multiple families living in houses built on the land having single khatha?" Lakshmana asked and critici-sed the JUSCO for imposing rules and regulations according to their whims and fancies, as mentioned in the hand book recently released by them.

Lakshmana also deplored the billing system in which it is said that if water consumption exceeds 135 litres per person per day, the bill amount of Rs. 60 per month will be double to Rs. 120 per month.

"It is water, a basic requirement of all. It cannot be rationed to the citizens like petrol and diesel," Lakshmana argued and urged the Mayor to overrule JUSCO's conditions and make the system people-friendly.

Greater Mysore

Broaching the issue of creating Greater Mysore, Lakshmana urged the Mayor to take over the 88 MUDA layouts into the MCC jurisdiction and create Greater Mysore with a radius of 150 sq-uare kilometres, by which, if the population of the city exceeds 10 lakh, would attract more Central Government projects, like the JNNURM. Lakshmana also pointed out that 36 private layouts around the city could also be included under Greater Mysore.

The interaction remained inconclusive as Mayor had to attend a function. He promised to meet the delegation again.

ACICM members Mehboob Pasha, Balakrishna and Ravi were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore