'ZONASA-2013,' a workshop at the zonal level meet of all the architecture colleges of South India was conducted by Iprint3D at the University School of Design, in city recently.

Among the 18 colleges and thousands of enthusiastic budding architects who participated in the meet, one student from each college was given the opportunity to attend this hands-on-experience on product designing and getting to know the basics of 3D printing process.

The students were exposed to the world of 3D printing, its importance and its growth in the other countries compared to India. The participants were briefed about the uses of 3D printing in architecture along with its uses in different areas related to food processing, medical field where you can grow organs which eases the work of organ transplantation and many more.

The workshop was assisted by Sameera from Bangalore, who shared her experience in 3D printing which she had gained during a workshop she attended in California.

Abhishek and Nikhil of iPrint 3D taught the basics of product designing and later Rachith and Gaurav conducted some competitions related to the workshop and the winners carried home a 3D printed part.

Most importantly, the participants now have access to new and exciting world of 3D printing.

For most of them, it was an eye opener as they were unaware of what 3D printing was all about and for those who knew about it, it was a splendid experience to have a look at the two printers built by the iPrint3D team and also see how it works.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore