Mysore, June 4 (JP) - The six-year-old tigress, which was trapped in Kodagu district on Wednesday, is now under treatment at the Mysore Zoo Veterinary Hospital.

According to several wildlife officers of the Forest Department, the tigress in the prime of her life had taken a cattle or two obviously due to some injury that had prevented her from taking her natural prey. This was blown up out of all proportion and the tigress was called a 'cattle-lifter' and trapped on Wednesday.

Any wild animal that has been trapped fights against its imprisonment and there are other injuries that this animal must have sustained in captivity, says Belliappa, Mysore Zoo Deputy Director, while talking to SOM.

According to Belliappa, from what could be observed, there was a claw missing from her front paw, one of her incisor canines broken and there seemed to be serious injury under her jaws.

Belliappa said that it would be difficult to treat the injury under the jaw and that was causing worry to the Zoo vets and officials as the animal would have to be immobilised for long periods and that has its own complications.

Belliappa said that they had hoped that this tigress would be a welcome addition to the Zoo's breeding programme as currently breeding was not being allowed because of the dangers of inbreeding. Most of the animals in the Zoo except from the tiger, Bhima, are genetically related. He said the experiment to breed the white tigress with Bhima was aimed at producing white tiger cubs. There is a recessive gene that will eventually lead to one or more white tiger cubs and the rest of the litter being normal.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore