Mysore, Apr. 8 (HT&DM)- It now seems that the miscreants have changed tactics in robbing women of their jewellery.

In the latest incident, a miscreant pretending to be a doctor, managed to rob two nursing mothers of their gold chain after sedating them in Cheluvamba Hospital, by fooling both the security personnel and Paramedical staff.

The chainsnatching miscreant, posing himself as a doctor, gained entry into the fifth ward of Cheluvamba Hospital at 3.30 pm yesterday and managed to inject a sedative to two nursing mothers, following which he relieved them of gold chains, totally weighing 110 grams, even as they went into slumber and managed to escape.

M. Savitha, wife of D. Shivakumar, a resident of Raghaven-dranagar in city and Rathnamma, wife of Nanjundaswamy, a resident of Kyathanahalli in Malavalli Taluk, are the victims.

The miscreant, under the pretext of examining the patients, asked the caretaker of both Savitha and Rathanamma to leave the ward. Soon after they left, the miscreant first asked Savitha to remove her gold chain (65 grams) as she was to be injected on her neck. As instructed, Savitha removed her chain and soon after, the mis-creant injected her with a sedative following which Savitha went into deep slumber.

The miscreant later played the same trick on Rathnamma and managed to relieve of her mangalya gold chain (35 grams). The miscreant later managed to slip on from the ward with the gold chains totally worth Rs. 1.35 lakh. After sometime, the wards of these two nursing mothers re-entered the Hospital ward only to find them lying unconscious.

The women, who woke up after some time, discovered to their horror that they have been relieved of their mangalya chain by the imposter. A case has been registered in Devaraja Police Station.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore