Mysore, June 11(SH) -All immovable properties in the city are being included in the newly- created network by adopting Geographical Information System (GIS) following government orders, says a press release by the Mysore City Corporation (MCC).

About 1.73 lakh properties with details about them on Form-C have already been included in the network, the release said.

Information presented in Form- C includes identity of the property, number of the ward, number of the block to which the ward belongs, name of the road and property number. The copies of Form-C containing details of the properties have been provided to the property owners. Remitting property tax is being enabled through the network and therefore all property owners are required to confirm the correctness of the entries about their respective properties in Form-C.

The property owners are advised to make corrections of the information about their property in the same Form- C and submit the same to the relevant Zonal Office of the Corporation within seven days, as informed through public notification.

As many property owners have not complied with the above requirement of confirming the correctness of the entries or correcting the errors in the entries on Form- C, the exercise of preparing the network is not progressing, the released said.

Further, as June 12 (second Saturday) and June 13 (Sunday) are public holidays and as all Zonal Offices will be working, the property owners are required to return the confirmed or corrected Form-C to the respective office. If not, the information included in the Form-C of all such properties will be taken as correct and included in the network.

The information included in Form-C that needs to be either confirmed or corrected are: 1) Address of property and property number; 2) Owner's name and address; 3) Particulars of owner and beneficiary; 4) Classification of property (self-occupation or rented); 5) Offi- cial category; 6) Area of site; 7) Details of property (number of floors); 8) Details of property tax paid.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore