Traffic Police catching helmetless two-wheeler riders and levying fine on the spot seems to be a passe now as the cops have switched over to digital cameras to photograph the offenders along with the number plates of their vehicles.

The details including the time and place of clicking the photo of the traffic offender will be transferred to the Automation and Traffic Management Centre located at the City Police Commissioner’s office. A notice will be served to the address of the offender along with the evidence. Eventually, the stipulated fine will be collected.

Hitherto the Traffic Police used to stop riders without helmets on the road, levy a fine of Rs. 100 and issue a receipt through blackberry phones. Sometimes a few riders trying to escape from the spot have got injured meeting with accidents.

It is learnt that all the six Traffic Police Stations in city have been provided with four Cannon digital cameras each.

However, the efficacy of the new system has to be waited and seen as the smart helmetless riders can still notice a traffic cop wielding a camera from a distance and get into an alley to avoid getting photographed.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore