There is a need to have local vision to improve the tourism sector in Mysore before thinking about the global vision, said K.B.Ganapathy, Editor-in-Chief, Star of Mysore.

Speaking on the topic ‘Role of Media in Tourism’ during the seminar on ‘Mysore as the most preferred international tourist destination- Bottlenecks and Solutions’ yesterday, he highlighted the problems being faced by tourists in various locations in city.

He mentioned that the parking fee collection had become a major nuisance at all the tourist destinations. The first thing that a tourist gets to do is to fight with the person collecting exorbitant parking fee without following proper guidelines which brings a sense of negativity in the tourist who later decides not to visit the place again.

Referring to the pathetic condition of Somanathapura Temple in Mysore district, KBG stated that the authorities were not taking measures to keep the surrounding environment of the temple clean despite one could see the sewage water flowing in front of the temple. He also said the village border has almost moved to the very steps of the temple and nobody seems to bother.

He expressed that tourists who came to Mysore had no security and facilities. “We are doing many things to develop tourism but it will not deliver the expected results. Unfortunately, the presence of too many agencies within the government is a major cause of worry for the development of tourism sector,” he added.

Ganapathy regretted that though an expressway was constructed between Mysore and Bangalore, the very purpose is defeated as there are 85 speed-breakers. Neither the travel time is saved, nor the passenger comfort is enhanced.

He also said that the government agencies and private players should work in tandem and in harmony. The government should provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs involved in tourism industry like transport, hotels and resorts. People involved in tourism industry should be provided loan at a reduced rate of interest and the government should ensure that the paper works are completed at the earliest.

He added that the role of media was to identify tourist spots, to give a wakeup call to the authorities regarding the problems existing in tourist locations.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore