Additional Director General of Police, M.N. Reddy, in a circular, has said “It is the responsibility of the Unit Officers to make sure that Rowdy Sheets are opened for all deserving persons. At the same time they shall also ensure that no Rowdy Sheet is opened in cases where there is no need.” and the final list should be prepared after approval of draft final list.

On return to the Police Stations, the Station House Officers shall prepare the Rowdy Sheets as per the decisions taken in the special meeting of the Unit Officer, as per the final list, the release says and adds that proper care should be taken to make sure that all the details are brought on record and the newly opened Rowdy Sheets shall not be left bald.

The release further states that serious action will be initiated against those found negligent in filling up all the details of the rowdies in the respective Rowdy Sheets and adds that all the new Rowdy Sheets and the details thereof shall be uploaded on the vPolice IT system, including periodic updation of the running history.

As for continuance and discontinuance of Rowdy Sheets, the release says that rule enshrined in KPM order No.1057 shall be strictly followed. On the procedure for taking action against rowdies, the release says that a review has to be done of all existing Rowdy Sheets of A, B, C and D categories and decisions have to be taken for initiating action under Sections 197, 108 or 119(G) of Cr.PC or externment or Goonda Act against them.

In case of ‘C’ category Sheeters — if there is only one instance of rowdism (case, petty case, source information/mass petition etc.) — the budding goonda may be kept under watch and effective surveillance shall be mounted through beat constables/ informants, etc., the release says.

Dwelling upon the issue of action against absconding warranties and proclaimed offenders, the release states that the lists of such offenders who are wanted in cases attracting the provisions of KPM order 1059(2) need to be prepared and directions have to be issued to the field officers to make special efforts to apprehend them/secure attachment of their properties and the same has to be actively taken at the Unit Officers level. The release further directs Range IGPs/Commissioners of Police to closely monitor the entire exercise.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore