The Department of Youth Services and Sports has come forward to acquire the Sports Complex of Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) in Vijayanagar 1st Stage in the city.

The department having acquired the sports complexes at taluk and district levels with an idea of promoting sports, provides needed trainers and staff.

The Chamundi Vihar Stadium in Nazarbad is already in the fold of the department. The Department Assistant Director Suresh was learnt to have written to MUDA three years ago requesting them to built stadia in all the four directions of city. Accordingly, the Sports Complex in Vijayanagar 1st Stage was developed on an area of 11.39 acres.

When the work was at the verge of completion in April last, MUDA Engineers had reportedly written a letter to the Department asking the latter to acquire the complex. Suresh had replied that after seeking clearance from the higher-ups, the sports complex would be acquired. The complex was inaugurated a few months ago but the official hand-over to the department was probably delayed as a few works were still under progress.

Suresh has assured that the sports complex in Vijayanagar would be acquired by the department soon.

MUDA Commissioner Dr. C.G. Betsurmath says that several communications have been exchanged between MUDA and the Department of Sports and a final decision regarding the handing over of the sports complex would be taken soon at the MUDA general meeting.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore