Rumours of gold ore spilled by a speeding truck on the Outer Ring Road triggered mad rush among the residents of Hinkal, Bogadi and surrounding areas yesterday throwing traffic out of gear for sometime.

People in the surroundings of Hinkal, Hootagalli, Bogadi and neighbouring areas who saw the pellets scattered on the road, mistook it for gold ore and started to collect it.

People irrespective of age rushed to the main road with bags and covers and started filling the same with the pellets found strewn on the road. While some grabbed handful of pellets, some filled their bags while others used their shirts as bags. It was an unusual sight to see some people sweeping the road in their bid to collect the pellets they thought it to be gold ore.

While some said that the pellets fell from a truck, some said that it fell from the sky.

The incident took place between 10 am and 12.30 pm.

Though some people said that it was not gold ore, those who were collecting the pellets were not in a position to listen to them and kept on collecting the pellets in bags and covers.

Meanwhile, Suresh Kumar Jain, Secretary, Mysore Industries Association (MIA) speaking to SOM today morning said that the pellets were examined by Ajay of Mysore Enterprises who said that the pellets found on the Ring Road were just ordinary stones and added that he would take the sample to a goldsmith to confirm the same.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore