In a couple of months’ time, a new attraction will be added at the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) in the form of Glass House which is being constructed by the Department of Horticulture. The project which is being sanctioned by the Department of Tourism is being executed by the Department of Horticulture at a cost of Rs. 1 crore.

The construction work of Glass House is almost nearing completion and is being built on the land measuring 875 sq mts. Though, the Glass House being constructed at the KRS cannot compete with that of one in Bangalore, it is sure that it will attract a lot of tourists who visit KRS on a daily basis.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Shivakumar, Joint Director (Parks and Gardens), Department of Horticulture, said that the Department of Tourism had released Rs. 1 cr for the project and the construction work was being taken up by Public Works Department. The construction which began during January, 2011 is expected to be completed within a couple of weeks.

Shivakumar also said that ornamental plants and flowers will be kept for the show once the construction work is completed. He added that the higher officials will decide upon the types of flowers and plants which will kept at the glass house.

“The decision to construct a glass house was taken as there was a lot of demand from the tourists. We have also planned to organise flower shows every year similar to that of Lalbagh in Bangalore and Curzon Park in Mysore, which is sure to become an attraction at the KRS”, said Shivakumar.

The PWD is expected to hand over the glass house to the Department of Horticulture after the completion of the construction in about 10-15 days. Once the construction is completed, the Horticulture Department will install foggers to control the temperature which is currently more than outdoor temperature. The Department of Horticulture will construct an overhead tank to supply water for the fogger which sprinkles water to the plants. This apart, the entire glass house will be covered with shade nets to reduce the sunrays by around 50 per cent.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Department of Horticulture, Senior Assistant Director H.K. Honne Gowda said that around 50,000 pots can be kept inside the Glass House depending upon the size of the pots. “We plan to get ornamental flowers and plants such as Orchids and Anthuriums which are rare. These are available only in Holland and other European countries. The plants will be brought once the construction works are completed and precautionary measures are at place”, said Honne Gowda.

The Department of Horticulture has also left a space in middle of the glass house for laying the lawn for which the work will begin once the construction work is completed. Honne Gowda said that the Department of Horticulture had also planned to grow cactii plants at the lawn to make it more attractive.

If everything falls into place as planned, the Glass House will be open for public in a couple of months’ time, according to Honne Gowda.