A filmy style incident of a man being kidnapped by money-lenders as his brother had not repaid the money he had borrowed, has been reported in city yesterday.

Amar Singh, a resident of Krishna Vilas Road in Devaraja Mohalla, was kidnapped by the money-lenders from his house at around 11.30 pm on Sunday, but was freed the next morning fearing Police action.

Amar Singh’s younger bro-ther Pradeep Singh is said to be operating his own private financing and real estate businesses, for which he had borrowed large sums of money from one Supreeth of Dattagalli and others.

Since Pradeep had been allegedly hiding from the money-lenders since the past few days, Supreeth and a few others went to Amar’s house and told him to come out and speak to them. When the family members urged Amar not to go out, Supreeth is said to called Amar on his cellphone and asked him to come out and talk to him. Finally, when Amar relented and came out, he was allegedly assaulted, pushed into a car parked nearby and driven away.

After about half-an-hour, when Amar did not return home, his wife Tara called him on his cell. A stranger is said to have answered the call and pretending to be Amar, told Tara that he, along with his brother Pradeep, was on his way to Hotel Sandesh the Prince to meet Director Omprakash.

Tara grew suspicious and called the same number again. This time, another stranger is said to have answered and told her that they were on their way to a dhaba. She then waited till morning and called Supreeth’s cell number, asking about her husband Amar. Supreeth is said to have feigned ignorance and denied of having seen Amar. Tara then called Pradeep who said that he had not met Amar the last night.

She then lodged a complaint with the Devaraja Police Station. Then, as suggested by Pradeep, she called Supreeth once again and said that Pradeep will be paying the money and asked to send somebody to their house. Supreeth then sent one Lakshmikant to the public phone booth in front of Amar’s house to collect the cash at around 12 noon. He was taken into custody by Policemen in mufti who waited closeby.

On learning about the Police action, Supreeth and seven of his accomplices including Somu of Jayanagar, Vinay of Kuempunagar and Kivuda Manju, brought out Amar from a room in Nagalingeshwara lodge in Jayalakshmipuram and dropped him off in front of the court premises at around 1 pm.

Amar then reached home in an autorickshaw and narrated the entire incident to the Police, who have launched a search for Supreeth and his accomplices.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore