It seems there is no peace for women in the society. With the growing number of atrocities against women, yet another headache seems to have caught up with them. There have been reports of miscreants taking photos and videos of women standing in bus stands, travelling in trains in their mobile phones and also threatening them to uploaded the pictures in the internet for not obliging to their demands.

Many women fear that the photographs and videos could be morphed before being uploaded on internet. Though women object to being photographed or videographed, miscreants on many occasions threaten them along with accomplices and with no other option women are forced not to rise their voice.

There have been several reports of miscreants taking photos and videos of women standing alone in bus stands and railway station in city. This apart, many women are also being photographed while travelling in trains especially between Mysore-Bangalore. While some are college going students majority are employees of factories located in Ramanagara and Bangalore districts.

Many readers have written about such incidents to our newspaper and in some cases women have called themselves to share their experiences. In other cases, fellow passengers have written letters to railway authorities expressing their concern over the matter. Not only in bus stand and railway stations, similar cases are reported in some of the hotels and pubs, said one of the hoteliers, who wished to stay anonymous.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Mysore City Police Commissioner K.L. Sudhir said that in such cases women have to protest on the spot with the help of the local public. “General public have to come forward to help such women and help in nabbing such culprits. Photographing and videographing any person without his/her consent amount to disturbing the privacy of a person. If such cases are reported, case will be registered under IT Act of 2001 and 2008,” he added.

Sudhir also urged the public to inform the Police Control Room (Dial 100) to report such cases. He mentioned that action would be taken immediately by rushing the mobile squad to the spot and arresting miscreants involved in such acts.

He also mentioned that a special team of crime branch officers would be appointed to keep a vigil across the city to tackle such acts. Sudhir also assured that on them receiving the complaint action would be taken against any person under IT Act.

Dr. Anup Dayanand Sadhu, Senior Commercial Divisional Manager, South Western Railway, speaking to SOM on the issue, assured that the railway bogies will be under surveillance by deploying Railway Police. “Action on the matter would be taken immediately on bringing it to the notice of Railway cops. This apart, steps will also been taken to monitor such acts through CCTVs installed at Railway Stations,” he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore