Mysore Feb. 25 (ACP&DM)- The seven JD (S) Corporators, who defected to the BJP, are now facing a petition filed by BJP's nominated Corporators S. Murali and B.O. Umesh before the Regional Commissioner M.V. Jayanthi under the Anti-Defection Law.

According to the petition, Corporators T. Devaraj, R. Lingappa, K.V. Mallesh, Prabhumurthy, Kempanna, Lakshmamma and Qamaruddin defected from JD(S) to BJP when 'Operation Lotus' was in full swing last year. This defection and their admission led to them being brought under the Anti-Defection Law.

JD(S) had 18 Corporators and the defection of seven has made a dent in its numbers.

The petitioners Murali and Umesh have sought the barring of the defectors from contesting any elections for a period of 7 years apart from disqualifying them. Advocate for the petitioners, Venugopal, had sought that the defectors be barred from voting in the Mayoral polls scheduled for tomorrow.

The 7 defectors had written to the Corporation Council Secretary on July 3, 2008, that since they accounted for more than one-third of total numbers, they were entitled to form a separate group under Section 3 (1)- (a) and (b) of the Anti-Defection Law.

However, there is a Supreme Court decision that states that a mere one-third does not lead to the legal formation of a separate group. The defectors have in the meanwhile, been claiming that they have not joined any party after quitting the JD(S), though they have joined BJP on their own and issued press statements to that effect.

There have been several allegations that huge sums of money had changed hands and that these defectors were beneficiaries of the same, a charge which they have refuted.

Regional Commissioner M.V. Jayanthi, while receiving the petition and listening to the arguments of advocate Venugopal, said that she would look into the ramifications of the Anti-defection Law and said that she would make her ruling today.

Meanwhile, MLA S.A. Ram-das, City BJP President Shivakumar, nominated Corporators S.Murali, Umesh, Advocate Nagaraj and others were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore