Day-long interactive session for cancer patients held

“You cannot wish away cancer. The affliction can be conquered by facing it with a positive attitude, courage and hope. Modern medicare technology and doctors are of great help in detection and treatment of the dreaded disease,” said senior journalist Krishna Vattam.

He was addressing a packed audience in Jaganmohan Palace Auditorium here yesterday during a function to release his book Cancer Gedda Santhasa (in Kannada) organised by Srian Envisions of Dr. Anil Sangli, Neuro Surgeon and Sripad Sangli, Medical Music Reverberation Therapist and Financial Planner. Dr. B.S. Ajai Kumar, Chairman, Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology (BHIO), Mysore, who was the chief guest at the Educative Medico-Musical-cultural evening session of the function, released Krishna Vattam’s book.

Morning Session

Dr. B.R. Pai, city’s noted industrialist and wellness promoter, inaugurated the event at the same venue in the morning. Littérateur Prof. Shivaramu Kadanakuppe was the guest of honour.

Speaking on ‘Chemotherapy and Radiation in cancer treatment,’ Dr. M.S. Vishweshwara, Medical Superintendent and Radiation Oncologist, BHIO, Mysore presented in detail many facts and myths about cancer. About two million Indians suffer from cancer and nearly seven lakh are added to this every year, resulting in 50 per cent fatality, he disclosed. While the currently practised treatments for cancer namely radiation (which is high energy X-ray) and chemotherapy helps to stop the proliferation of cancerous cells, physically active life and avoiding use of tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol can keep cancer away, he said and added that treatment is individualised.

Dr. K. Ganesh Rao, Surgical Oncologist, BHIO, Mysore, speaking on ‘Surgical treatment of cancer’ explained that cancer cells are immature, grow without inhibition, invasive and marked by metastasis (spreading to other regions of the patient). No two cancers behave similarly and different patients respond differently, he said.

Surgical Oncology consists of diagnosis, staging, surgery and post-operative care, he explained.

Dr. B.R. Pai observed that cancer is one of the afflictions that can be traced to one’s life style. Right thoughts, correct posture during work and leisure as well as proper breathing add years to life and life to years, he explained.

Speaking on ‘Brain cancer and its symptoms,’ Dr. Anil Sangli explained with graphics the different sections of the human brain and their role in the physiology of various parts of the body. He explained the common causes of brain tumour and its manifestation which serve as alarm signals, including headache in persons over 50 years, in an unusual way. Behavioural changes in persons also need to be watched and subjected to regular medical check-ups, he said.

Prof. Shivaramu Kadanakuppe shared his experiences as a patient of cancer who came through the ordeal with the help of doctors at BHIO, Mysore.

Dr. K. Raghavendra Pai, Yoga Guru and Secretary Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation, Mysore, explained the benefits of practicing Yogasana under a yoga teacher to achieve wellness.

Veena S. Pandit, vocalist and cine playback singer, Mysore, presented a classical music concert on the occasion.

Evening Session

Speaking after releasing Krishna Vattam’s book, Dr. B.S. Ajai Kumar showered high praise on him for his integrity, honesty, and commitment as a disciplined journalist. Fear- inducing references to cancer are to be avoided, particularly in the presence of cancer patients because the victims of cancer usually die of other problems such as stress, he remarked.

The attitude of fear in cancer patients is a greater challenge than cancer itself, Dr. Ajai Kumar observed.

Krishna Vattam gave a brief account of how he was diagnosed by chance with esophagus cancer while he visited a medical check-up camp by doctors of Kidwai Memorial Hospital, Bangalore at Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry, Mysore, for reporting as a journalist. He disclosed that the main objective of writing the book was to inculcate positive attitude in cancer patients and courage to face the affliction apart from keeping faith in doctors and hope in life.

Ravindra Bhat, Prajavani Bureau Chief, spoke on the book, drawing attention to the poignant circumstances of Vattam giving up smoking and his successful battle against cancer. He showered praises on Vattam, calling him Bheeshma of journalism in Mysore, adored by all for his determination and tolerance that helped him to conquer cancer. Indians may not have difficulty in living with various afflictions including cancer as they are known for their resilience in living with corruption and casteism, which are more hurting than cancer, Bhat observed.

D.N. Lokappa, publisher of Vattam’s book, pleaded with the audience to read the book with unbounded benefits in life.

Dr. Sheshagiri Rao, representing Dr. C.B. Murthy, Chairman and MD, B.M. Hospital, Mysore received the first copy of Vattam’s book.

Dr. Anil Sangli and Sripad presented briefly the concepts in cancer management, including planning one’s finances to meet the contingencies arising out of the affliction.

Shanthala Vattam, daughter-in-law of Krishna Vattam presented a Bharathanatya recital in praise of Goddess Saraswathi and also sang a ghazal and sufi songs that captured the audience.

Amogh Kashyap rendered a devotional song on Lord Ganesha. G. Rajalakshmi Sridhar, Programme Executive, All India Radio (AIR), Hassan, compered.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore