High cost of medical education, exorbitant investments on state-of-the-art medical equipment and peer pressure have resulted in the medical profession turning into business style, observed senior Physician Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem.

Doctor-patient relationships were sacrosanct until a few decades ago but it is no longer so now-a-days nor is it easy to restore that kind of connect between the two, he bemoaned.

Speaking as the chief guest in the educative and musical evening at Jaganmohan Palace auditorium here yesterday on the theme ‘Changing Scenario in The Doctor-Patient Relationships’, Dr. Javeed Nayeem presented an insight into the decline in the relationships between the healers and their patients. Expecting immortality from the medical treatment on the part of the patients as well as their family members was at the root of disenchantment resulting in straining the relationships, he added.

Doctors not empathising with their patients, provisions under medical insurance and rulings by Consumer Disputes Redressal Courts without members having medical background also contributed to poor doctor-patient relationships, he explained, while pleading for restoring the same. The event was organised by SRIAN (Scientific Research Innovations in Advanced Neurosciences) Envisions’ founders Dr. Anil Sangli and Sripad Sangli in their series of similar educative programmes. P. Rajendra Prasad, Superintendent of Police, Chamarajanagar, as the guest of honour and Vidushi Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar as a special invitee took part in the event and made presentations of their points on the theme.

The organisers explained the aims and objectives of the programme focussed on health and wellness of our society based on scientific research, medical advances, music and financial planning by organisations, administrations and individuals in all walks of life.

Dr. Anil Sangli pointed out that communication played a pivotal role in mutually rewarding doctor-patient relationships. Positive interaction marked by trust, hope and compassion between the two sides leads to positive outcomes, he said.

Sripad explained the birth of new area of scientific pursuit namely Neuro-economics or Neuro-Finance, while providing an insight into the benefits of financial planning in life’s situations of uncertainty.

Rajendra Prasad spoke on the ‘Law and Order situations in doctor-patient relationships’, tracing the episodes to different perceptions of doctors and patients. Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar presented a lec-dem on ‘Music as a catalyst in improving societal relationships.’

Vidu. Veena S. Pandit rendered invocation. Vidu. G. Rajalakshmi Sridhar and S. Subramanya compered. Songs sung by renowned playback singer late Mohammed Rafi were rendered by Sripad Sangli and H.P. Vijayeendra Rao, Junior category winner of Edethumbi Haaduvenu programme of 2006.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore